Scissor Pouch

Scissor Pouch


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Scissor Pouch Lime - Shoulder Strap

Designed with a crossbody fit, our signature scissor pouches will make your life so much easier when you’re on the go and busy with your clients. 

Up your hairdressing game and store not only your scissors but also your combs, clips, brushes and phone in this fashionably designed, compact pouch. 

Our unique design allows for the bottom of these to open up, making it easy to clean out any hair that gets caught. 

Key Features

Vegan Leather Material

4 Scissor Pockets

2 Large Pocket (suitable for round, paddle and wet brushes)

1 Phone Pocket 

1 Comb Pocket

2 Convenient clip holders on strap


Environmentally Friendly Designs

Industry Proof

Worldwide Shipping

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